Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Oils

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Oils

When you begin using essential oils, there are quite a few common mistakes that you might make. You can either make them and learn through trial and error, or follow these easy tips.

Using Oils in the Wrong Location

One thing to note about essential oils, is that when applying directly to your skin, there are only certain areas where this should be done. Even after diluting the oils with another oil, if they are not mixed into a cream or lotion, the best locations are the wrists, ankles, behind the ears, and the fingers. There are special pressure points in these areas that make them most effective. Of course there are going to be some exceptions, such as putting the oils on your forehead or temples if you have a bad headache, but the main pressure points should be used most often.

Not Combining Them With a Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are oils that you use with essential oils to dilute them. This si when you are going to apply the oils directly to your skin. If they are added to a spray bottle with water or put into your bath, they are already diluted enough with water, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, when going right on your skin, you should use carrier oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. Otherwise, they can irritate your skin since pure essential oils are very harsh and not already diluted when they are in the bottle.

Using Oil on Anyone

Essential oils work for many people, but they don’t react well with everyone. Before you use an oil, you should test it in its diluted state on just a small area of skin. This lets you know if you have a sensitivity to that oil or not. Also, remember that there are age restrictions for using essential oils. Infants and children can sometimes use them, but you should practice caution and ask your pediatrician before using them.

Ignoring Other Treatments

Essential oils provide a lot of amazing health benefits, but they might not be enough just using them on their own. If you suffer from anxiety, using lavender and chamomile is great for relaxation and reducing panic attacks, but don’t forget about other natural remedies like journaling, meditation, and herbs. In most cases, essential oils work best when combined with other natural remedies.