2021 Sleep Tech That’s Promising a Better Night’s Rest

2021 Sleep Tech That’s Promising a Better Night’s Rest

Last Updated on January 22, 2021

A good night’s rest can restore your mental and physical health. The reality is that many people struggle to get enough zzz’s; as a result, they may think of sleeping as a high-tech endeavor.

After all, there are several factors that affect sleep, from bedroom conditions to staring at screens. If you are experiencing sleeping problems, try one of these trendy tech products to get a better night’s sleep this year.

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Sleep Meditation Apps Can Tuck You In At Night

Did you know that the secret to getting a good night’s rest may be in the palm of your hand?

Many people use sleep meditation apps to help with their insomnia. Most sleep meditation apps feature guided meditations set against soothing music or sounds. The spoken word that is used to guide you through the meditation can be in a female or male voice.

Bed Tech to Better Support You as an Individual

Beds and mattresses have come a long way since simple spring mattresses and wooden bed slats. Today, consumers can choose between cooling memory foam mattresses and remote-controlled adjustable bed frames. Adjustable beds have many health benefits such as improved circulation, reduced pressure on joints, and clearer breathing. These types of beds have been shown to reduce back pain and even fix sleep apnea.

Air Purifiers May Support Sound Sleeping

According to many experts, clean air can help you sleep better, especially among people with health conditions. In order to significantly improve your overall quality of sleep, you’ll need a premium one that will get rid of contaminants in the air such as smoke, dust, and mold spores. Many experts recommend air purifiers with a three-part filtration technology because they have been shown to remove 99 percent of common airborne particles. These exceptional products can also maintain a cool bedroom temperature through effective air circulation, which is great if you feel like a warm environment keeps you awake at night.

A few additional features of top air purifiers are a sleep setting, LED light, multiple fan speeds, and apps/virtual assistant compatibility. Many air purifiers can serve as white noise devices too as the fan can significantly block outside noise.

Experience Sweet Dreams With A White Noise Machine

Man Asleep In Bed With Mobile Phone On Bedside Table

If you toss and turn many times during the night, a white noise machine may be your new best friend. A white noise machine is designed to promote optimal sleep by blocking out environmental sounds like snoring, storms, and crying babies.

The tech product also emits soothing sounds such as birds chirping, rainfall, or ocean waves, ensuring that you always have an extremely peaceful slumber. Most white noise machines are compact and portable, so you can catch some zzz’s anywhere that you go.

Essential Oil Diffusers Ensure That You Always Wake Up Refreshed

Essential oil diffusers are great products to help you sleep because they emit calming, aromatherapy vapors that are powerful enough to fill your bedroom. The best essential oil diffusers feature a timer function and a color-changing light display. For the best results, make sure to use premium essential oils that have been shown to drastically enhance sleep like bergamot and lavender. Essential oil diffusers are highly recommended for dry winters.

Blue Light Glasses: A Low Tech Way To Improve Sleep

When it comes to tech products that support a good night’s rest, something as simple as blue light glasses can help. A low tech product, blue light glasses should be worn while you’re viewing a screen before bedtime. The product will filter out the blue light from the screen, helping to lessen the disruption that it has on your sleep.

Sunrise Alarm Clocks Help You Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep

Sunrise alarm clocks are great tech sleep aids that can drastically improve your sleep cycle. Many people love these products because they can create a calming sleep environment by emitting peaceful nighttime sounds. Most sunrise alarm clocks include relaxing meditation programs to encourage more effective sleep practices. The top sunrise alarm clocks will also boast “Ambitrack” technology, which enables you to monitor sleeping habits and bedroom environment. Look for these great features in a sunrise alarm clock too: sleep stories, nighttime shades, and Blue Tooth for music streaming.